Commonwealth Games!

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Its official!

I will be representing Canada at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow! I’m excited to race both the sprint and keirin against some of the world’s best. Racing will definitely be fast and fierce, since most of the worlds best come from these countries… Australia, New Zealand, England, Trinidad… and the list goes on.

For the first time in a couple years, Canada will even be racing in the team sprint! We were lucky enough to steal Olympic speedskater Vince De Haitre away from the ice for a few months, and convince him to ride team sprint with Hugo and I. With only a single week of training together, we managed to post a strong time in training, earning ourselves a spot! With another 6 weeks training together, I’m excited to at the possibilities of this group…and we’re looking forward to starting off the Commonwealth Games strong with the sprint crew!

So many other things have happened over the past months that I don’t know where to begin….

For starters, I moved back to Canada in anticipation of the brand new world-class velodrome opening in Milton in the fall. That’s right, I’m officially living back in Ontario again, and loving it!! (Although since ‘moving home’, I’ve only spent about a week there…)

Right after moving my stuff, the team was back on the road. It’s summer, and that means T-Town is the place to be for racing! I’m always amazed at how this entire town in the middle of nowhere…Kutztown Pennsylvania…is built around cycling. The track racing draws hundreds of local spectators, sometimes even more than World Cup events around the globe. International riders from New Zealand, Holland, Scotland, and Trinidad are all here, competing along with a very large Canadian contingent for the UCI points that are up for grabs during the weekly (sometimes even twice weekly) races.

Our camp in T-Town started out with the popular Keirin Cup… this is one of my favourite races on the calendar, partially because I love racing keirins on a 333m track, but also because I have typically done pretty well in this race. Finishing the day with a 6th place was not my best result, but was a positive start to the summer racing block.

The next race was the US Sprint Grand Prix only a week later. Doing 8-10 sprints in one day is exhausting… but the opportunity to get this racing experience doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. I came out of the day extremely pleased that I was able to use tactics to up-sprint myself from a 14th place in qualification, to 7th by the end of the day. It’s amazing at how well the entire Canadian crew is doing down here, especially since we are keeping our focus on the Commonwealth Games. This means training through these races now with a heavy training block, with the goal of being on our best form at the end of July.

Stay tuned for more frequent updates! With another two weeks of racing here in T-Town, followed by our holding camp in Holland before the Games, and then of course the Games at the end of July, I should have plenty to report. Oh, and then 6 days after getting back from Scotland, I get married! Should be a busy summer!

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