Back on the Bike

by / Wednesday, 04 September 2013 / Published in Uncategorized

I’ve resumed “training” again, for just over a week now. The good news is that the sling is off, and I’ve gotten the clearance from the surgeon to resume riding. The bad news is that the doctor has made it very clear that this riding can only be on a stationary trainer for another 5 weeks. So I’ve settled into a routine of trainer rides to slowly regain my fitness. Realizing how much fitness you lose in 6 weeks off the bike is a bit frustrating, but already in just a week, I have seen pretty huge improvements. The progress from feeling that I could barely ride 45 minutes the first day, to experimenting with some ‘efforts’ to try to break up of the monotony of the trainer only a week later, has been encouraging.

It’s amazing how you don’t realize how much time is committed to the sport…from training, to racing, to recovering…until all of these commitments are stripped away. These past 7 weeks have been challenging, but the free time has allowed me to put my mind towards other things (like building this new website!), and spending quality time with the ‘new addition’ to the family!

On August 5, my sister gave birth to Anthony William, and so I was able to hang out with my new nephew for a couple of weeks. I was lucky to be able to spend quite a few hours with Anthony curled up in a little ball on my chest sleeping, before I had to fly back to LA for school.

Now that I am back in California, between classes, trainer rides, and physio (or physical therapy as they call it down here), my schedule is quickly starting to fill up. Oh, and I forgot to add in my new role at USC as a teaching assistant for the first time, which has already been an adventure, only 1 week into classes! As for training, the next element to be added back is the gym. I haven’t yet figured out how to get some quality leg work in, without having to hold heavy weight in my arm/on my shoulders, but am looking forward to some experimenting.

This past week, the National Championships were held in Dieppe. Since 2006 I have not missed a National Championships, and so it was a very weird experience to be so far away from it all. While the injury has been frustrating at times, it has reminded how much I love being involved in sport. I am already looking forward to next years Nationals (even more so, because we won’t have to compete with Mother Nature as they did this year, with the new indoor Milton Velodrome hopefully being built in time!), and am becoming more and more motivated by the day to get back on the track for some flying efforts!

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